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In School Workshops

In this interactive program, students will explore the diversity of Latin America through authentic voices, dances, and music of the region. In their journey they will meet and learn from artists and educators originally from Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. The performers will share geography and interesting facts then demonstrate examples of the music and dance from a variety of Latin American countries. Students will explore the unique rhythms through traditional music, then learn how to find those same rhythms in modern, popular music. Artists will illustrate the cultural and bio-diversity as seen in the wide array of food, clothing, animals, and languages of the region.

The duration and goals of the performance are customized to meet the needs of the school.

The program is available in both English and Spanish, or a combination of both.

Evidence based:

Participants showed an average of 41% improvement on measures of geography, rhythms, and general knowledge.

Impacts include:

Increased cultural understanding

Improved fitness

Improved literacy

Tools for stress management & problem solving

Connections to SEL Competencies and Curriculum Standards

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In March 2024, ComMotion was awarded a Subaward Grant from Partners of the Americas to launch our new Biblioteca Madre Project.  We are seeking schools and youth organizations to participate in this FREE educational program.  To learn more, click here.

The Biblioteca Madre project aims to empower underrepresented voices in Latin America, including Indigenous peoples, females, and people with disabilities, by connecting them with a team of artists and educators to create an online multimedia library showcasing their culture and traditions. Over a virtual collaboration spanning several weeks, artists will be trained to produce educational content with a focus on inclusivity, resulting in modules with lesson plans published in an online library. The initiative, targeting at least five youth-serving organizations and over 200 youth in North Carolina and Latin America, seeks to address the lack of representation and perpetuation of stereotypes in Hispanic/Latinx education, fostering cultural appreciation and empathy for historically marginalized communities.

The Education and Culture Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational Affairs with funding provided by the U.S. Government and supported in its implementation by Partners of the Americas. 

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Want to see more?

Watch this video to see more highlights of our programs with students of all ages in a variety of different settings as well as examples of our multi-media content and bilingual instruction.  Hear testimonials from teachers and school administrators about the impact of our programs.

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Other Youth Programs

 United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County Artists in School Directory listings:





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Kennedy Center Teaching Artists Present

"Dancing Bachata with Andre Avila"

PLANETS develops programs for educators and youth in grades 3-8 that provide STEM learning with an emphasis on NASA planetary science and engineering.


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Contact us to create a program for you

We will create a customized in-person or live online (Zoom or other platform) program for your school or group.  Instruction can be offered in both English and Spanish.  We provide our own sound system and can adapt to nearly any space.  Contact us to set up a program today!

“They were able to customize a program for our students in a virtual format that was easily enjoyable for all ages.”

“Great energy and really gets kids moving and engaged. Lots of fun while learning.”

“The artist is amazingly flexible and easy to work with. They adapted well to the virtual environment, and it was a great experience for our whole school community. I would love to invite them back.”

“It was an experience that the students will never forget!  Thank you.”

“This is a very active and engaging experience for students with a strong tie to global awareness.”

“I teach students with special needs and they LOVED this program.”

Our sponsors and community partners include:

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Artists in Schools

ComMotion is a member of the Artists in Schools program of the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County.  Click here to learn visit the Artists in Schools Directory.

Teaching Artists Present

ComMotion is a member of the Kennedy Center Teaching Artists Present program.  Click here to view and fun and easy lesson about the Bachata from the Dominican Republic.

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